well now... lets see... i have nothing better to do now then to create one of these thing-a-ma-bobs!.... i'm at home... unfortunatley... working a lot, and interning.... alls well i guess... nothing to really complain about... although nothing to reallly brag about!.... yeah ok... i'm done here

Saturday, July 12, 2003

my life is just so exciting... you just wait... in the next few weeks.... i'll make up my summer!! don't you worry!
Ocean City Maryland... oh how i miss your ways! i should be down there now... my boys are there... but i'm stuck here... its just not fair! i tell you... i will get there! I WILL!!!
no sleep for me!.... theres to much shit to do... tomorrow its up to Grams... shes finally moving! oh yeah! i get to go and calm the storm... the massive monsoon of emotion shes expelling over leaving her dear sweet home! wish me luck... then come wed. its off to Newark as the butt-crack of dawn to take char to the airport, for her excursion across the country to see her "man!"... and then thurs brings our flight to sunny Florida! can't wait for this break! have to check out the pad i SHOULD be living in! oh but i'm not bitter!! NO!
Bubba has recieved notice of my request for my extended time off work... he doesn't seem as mad as i thouhgt he'd be... he joked and made light of my ways... but HEY! i worked all summer so far... i deserve some time off! i've done my time... now for some liberty! oh yeah!

Sunday, July 06, 2003

ok... so my parents are coming home tonight... and theres still pina coolada mix in the fridge and come alcohol in the freezer.... now what are the chances of them not careing... i mean i am of age and all.... but this is also MY parents we're talking about!!....
country line dancing anyone!!?? off to Montana west tongiht!.... see if we ride the Bull again!! haha!
so do i spend the 75$ for a pool pass this late in the season... or do i suck it up and pay the 4$ everytime i wanna go?
well well well..... i've finally recieved a phone call from MR. Island Boy himself! (of course its my fault i didn't talk to him last weekend.... Tech really threw me for a ride!!) but all's good! can't wait too see him!! and he got me PRESENTS!!! yes!!!
hey Heather... long time no talk... its ok... i've been busy too... i caught myself up with you Blog (i've been bad and haven't been on in a while)... let me just say WHOA about the car incident.... crazy shit man!! but i bet it was quite the experience haha!! well just wanted to say HEY! catch ya later hun!

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Hi John! it was great to talk to you! very excited to see you later this summer!!
less then a month and i get to see my boy!!
4Th of July! can you believe it!! the summers gone by so fast... yet so slwo we still have 2 more months!! but i'm sure time wil fly! i spent my 4th laying in the sun (gotta attempt my tan from last summer) and then at work (unfortunately we were really slow)... then spent the remainder of the night with Char and G' making fruity frozen drinks... pina coladas and a bacardi-orange concoction! it was great!... played with some sparklers and fire works! watched a movie (about howard stern... go figure) and tehn called it a night ... or morning.... around 3am.... night all
work work work.... every night this week!! i'm gonna go nuts!! but i think the money will help keep me sane!! God knows i'm gonna need a lot of it to pay for the rest of the summer... a trip to florida and las vegas... me be speding a lot!! Jon started working.... so happy he'll be there... and char!... we'll have so much fun! and glad that he'll be there to take my shifts when i go away!! so bubba won't be soo mad at me!!
well... we survived Tech! and had a BLAST!!! a great weekend of drinking... sun... hanging out.... getting there at 5:30 am was a lil rough... we slept till around 3... then the fun began... got a tour of Tech and a walk around town... drinking began after dinner and lasted well into the early morning... i remember all the way till sometime at the bar.... a few more non-remembered shots... adn we were off to Mizz's... after a brief glimpse of the couch i woke up at Jons... hhmm.... even though i dont' rmr.... it was fun!... sat morning we had to take it easy... after a 1/2 handle of Bacardi O, a few margaritas, some black sambooka, a yeager bomb.. a few others... our bodies were yelling at us! after some rest we went out for some steak! and started partying alll over again!! some home made Hand Granades from Mardi Gras... and off to the bar... then some hottubbin till the wee hours of the morning... breakfast at sunrise and then hit the sack around 7... sunday was spent at the pool! and then we were off for home!! a very hyper set of girls were actually awake and alive to keep Carl up for the drive... and of course there was a need for a Nell and Char adventure... so we convinced Carl to stop at the Natural Bridge... it was fun.... and we're planning a trip back! haha!! well... thats the weekend in a nut shell! hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed being there... i love you Tech boys! and can't wait to see you again!!

Sunday, June 22, 2003

so Char came over lastnight... and we had an adventure... as usual!... it started off simple... watching a movie... they had eclairs in this movie... so we get into a conversation about an eclair milkshake (don't ask) so we decide to go to the store and get eclairs, ice cream and choc. syrup... (this is all at like 1 am) so we did... and could only find frozen mini eclairs (strange... yes i know)... so we got them came home made out milkshakes (my mom was a lil confused as to what exaclty we were doing... but knows better then to ask too many questions!)... they were pretty good.. next time (yes there will probably be a next time) we wont' use quite as much choc. syrup (my fault) and get real eclairs.. not frozen... they were good... but we needed more flavor... oh and defff not make as much as we did... cause we coiuldn't finish them.... thank got we didn't force ourselves.. like the sparkling grape juice!!! (again... don't ask)
i got to ride a bull tonight!! it was great!and i went country line dancing!! i'm such a HICK!!! haha

tips for bull riding : keep your legs forward... i think that helps
squeeze real tight
wear a glove
lean forward when the bulls head comes up and lean back when it goes down!
oh and i can see why ppl where those chaps things... it really rubs your legs.....
your legs feel all funny when you try and walk around afterwards!

Friday, June 20, 2003

i want to see you
i want you here
to hold you close
and love you dear!
my friends...
past... present... future...
old friends... new friends...
summers past and summers to come...
oh the memories... i never want to loose them...
they were so much fun in the making!...
i love you all and will never forget you...
my friends!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

messera : yaks on the roof, bikes on the back
messera : and your all set
messera : better than nell on the roof
messera : hehe
ok i'm being bombarded by IM's... take them away!!
ok well i havent really updated in a while... sorry... but my lifes a bore! i work sleep and occasionally i eat something... i finally got something to do at PBS... but i finished it today so we'll see if they come up with something for next week... i came home today at 12... and fell asleep till 330... much have needed to catch up on sleep or something... still haven't gone to get my bike fixed... with this weather it won't matter... hopefully it'll get nicer soon... i'm white... i'll never get tan!! and deff not like last summer!! talked to rich the other day... have to make our way down to OC soon... haven't talked to jeff since the other day... hope his GF out of her coma... and he fig everyhting out with his car... hope he stops by soon... actually talked to ernie the other day... he never came out wiht us... figures... but he said he might come to VT with us... so that will be cool!! ok well i'm bored with this... night

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Dig if you will the picture of you and i engaged in a kiss.....the sweat of your body covers me.....can you my darling...can you picture this.....dream if you can a courtyard and oceans of viloets and blue a man like me strikes courious poses...i feel the heat...the heat between me and you....
"I like the stars..... it's the illusion of permanence. I can pretend that things last..... that lives last longer than moments"
-Neil Gaiman
I sewed it up Stitched all these dead end streets
Into the sewn up seams of my heartstrings unwind(unwound)
Like a petal pulled from an open flower.
Surrounds by fields where children sign but don't make a sound and don't

Break it off
This searching for what we may never find
And that says it all.
I hope that we will make it through..

The heartbreak that comes with just living through one day
All the good times that past and all the friends we lose in a lifetime on our way.

Here in this life we seem so lost.
On this side of brightness we don't know where to go.

I hope that we can make it
Through this night.

Buried deep as you can dig inside yourself,
and covered with a perfect shell,
such a charming beautiful exterior.

This is one time
that you can't fake it hard enough to please everyone or anyone at all.
And the grave that you refuse to leave
the refuge that you've built to flee
the places you have come to fear the most.

Buried deep as you can dig inside yourself,
and hidden in the public eye.
Such a stellar monument to loneliness.
Laced with brilliant smiles and shining eyes
and perfect makeup but you're barely scraping by.

Dashboard Confessional - the places you have come to fear

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